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A few weeks ago, I found a perfect spot along the river to paint. The Corn Lillies were still small enough to step around them, and thread my portable studio around their (already) thigh high stems.  I’m still quite new at pastels en plein air, and quickly found that in Spring you need way more shades of green than you think. Mixing colours directly on the paper is an exciting way to work, as you’re weaving several colours together at the same time. This couldn’t not remind me of French Impressionists, and their direct working methods. The rushing river created it’s own cool breeze, small waves frothing and folding over themselves. I didn’t quite get to finish this, as wind and rain started so I had to quickly pack up and leave. That’s all part of the adventure of working outside though, and I’m starting to love it more and more.


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Pastel on Paper
9 x 12″

Framed size: 17 x 21″

Professionally framed with a simple black molding and a complimentary grey mat. Images to come.