Artists Statement

Artists Statement, 2024

Living in a forest, I walk the same river every day and witness the drama of seasons. My physical relationship with landscape and art are constantly evolving by necessity, my formerly muscular approach to life no longer possible. Cancer and the onset of seizures in my late thirties interrupted my understanding of reality and time. Misfiring neurons opened a new space in my experience of being in the world.

The Welsh word, ‘Hiraeth’ has no exact English translation, but refers to a longing for Wales and it’s culture. That longing could be for something that never existed. The illusory nature of Hiraeth intersects with my experience of  California, and generates work existing in the veiled spaces between perceived realities. 

Y Sgwrs (The Conversation) (2024)
Pastel on Paper, 18 x 27″

Entering a receptive dream state, symbolic language sketched in the field emerges. Fragmented masses of light coming through trees are poems. Dancing reflections on water are songs. Drawing with pastels and charcoal collected from wildfire is a primal, healing way to engage with the transformational process of nature. I call my technique ‘sensory time weaving’. Holding raw materials in my bare hands, working the surface with my skin connects me to a wider, multi sensory experience of belonging to this life.