Dusk is often a time of revelation, or epiphany. It is a period of transition between dark and light, between the active energy of the day and dream state of night. From a Taoist perspective, you could regard this time as the curving river in the space between Yin and Yang.  The T’ai Chi 33 form employs gestures that suggest pushing open a door to begin, and then close with crossed arms to seal the practice. I often practice down by the river, and on my way home one evening, I encountered this scene. A tree had become snagged mid fall, and it’s precariousness created a profound sense of perfect danger. A tipping point, perhaps. It seemed to me that the forest had a message to share in that moment, one that would  continue to unfold for quite some time.

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Pastel on Paper
6 x 4″

Framed size: 14.5 x 12″

Professionally framed with a simple black molding and a complimentary grey mat. Images to come.


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