Aspen Galleon


Oil on Linen
10 x 8″
Black Float Framed

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Making leaf boats has become a family tradition, and is a lovely way to interact with nature and each other. We use what is there, already fallen. We use driftwood, leaves, willow twigs, Aspen leaves, grasses, lichens and pine sap. My husband takes his pocket-knife and twists out a little hole in the driftwood to make a mast, then skewers a leaf for a sail. Our daughter makes her own, and we set them to sail down the river. Beautiful little galleons meandering with the flow.
This ship was ready made by the river herself. The living willows tethered to the river floor had gathered fallen aspen leaves and fashioned a galleon, complete with sails and a standard. We didn’t touch it, just marveled at the natural creation
For me, painting is an act of slow looking and responding. The process is a gradual opening, a dilation of the mind. Intimacy with a subject comes from staying with it, and not succumbing to distractions.  A form of meditation, painting helps me embrace the transience of nature, and life.
When I try to grasp Autumn leaves, they lose their colour, and turn to dust. Wildflowers wither in my hand. and river ripples distort and disappear. Embracing the ephemeral beauty of seasons and light has become a portal to my understanding of the ‘eternal now’.  Painting is a synthesis of experience, time and reflection. The slow unfolding of a fleeting moment.


This is a framed original oil painting, on Claessens portrait-grade Belgian linen – which is a very fine, archival linen, considered to be the best quality material available for artist canvas. The frame is a custom wood float frame, black. 1.5″ deep with a satin finish.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 in

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