Mural Commission: ‘The Metastases’

Aside from a couple of finishing touches that needed to be done when the paint dries…the mural is finished. This is by far the most ambitious piece I’ve ever done. Two years of research, design and composition. Nine months of detailed oil painting. 12 x 5 feet. One very happy patron.

Photo: Anthony Cupaiuolo

This commissioned painting is in a private apartment near Heavenly Village. Inspired by the book, ‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma’ by Micheal Pollan, this project is an unflinching exploration the toxic American food industry – its history and present state.

We’re in the process of photographing the finished painting, so I’ll have final images soon, courtesy of our filmmaker Anthony Cupaiuolo of First Tracks Productions. We are making a documentary about the mural and the issues it explores, building a dedicated website, and interviewing experts in the fields of farming and of the food industry

Watch this space.

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