Words from a colleague, mentor and friend

Shelley Zentner’s artwork, at first glance, calls to mind the Italian Baroque artist, Caravaggio, in its smokey tenebrism and focus on dramatic transitions of light and dark. Whether it is her figurative work, or this current series based on the South Upper Truckee River and the aftermath of the Caldor fire, Zentner’s work creates a strong emotional response through her use of color and light. Having known Shelley for many years, I see in her work the impressive background behind each piece – strong drawing skills, an understanding of Classical composition, keen use of color theory and a bravado brushstroke that packs a huge punch.

How Zentner brings these traditional skills into the 21 st century is partially due to her state-of-the-art content. Whether it is bringing to our attention the atrocities of human behavior or the plight of global warming, Shelley’s paintings speak eloquently to current issues that plague our time.

Phyllis Shafer, Artist

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