Buying Art

Where can I buy your artwork?

Art of Ashtanga Originals and Custom Prints can be purchased from Emanate Gallery, South Lake Tahoe, California, USA

Coming Soon!: Northern (UK & Europe)

Fundamental Freedoms, Landscapes, Portraits, Master Copies  – Contact Me

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, absolutely! We can arrange an interest-free payment plan tailored to your needs.

Do you take commission (custom) work?

Yes, but only if it feels meaningful or inspires me. I only take on two commissions per year, and am currently booked until 2022.

Can you make a portrait of my loved one, or me?

Yes, I love portraits. I can work from life in my studio or from a photograph. I can work in pencil, charcoal, or oils. The price will depend on the medium and size. Contact me for a quote.

Can you ship?

Yes, I can ship worldwide.

Do you sell prints or art cards?

I have a small stock of limited edition prints and cards, and can have custom prints made of specific artworks.  I sell them at exhibitions and events.

Can I visit your studio?

Yes, I host small, intimate ‘salon’ style gatherings by invitation at my studio, with wine and cheese. You can also schedule a visit by contacting me. If you would like to be considered for a small gathering for your group, contact me. 

Riverside Studio

South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150