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Two Suns


Oil on linen
40 x 18″



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This is a framed original oil painting on Claessens portrait-grade Belgian linen – which is a very fine, archival linen, considered to be the best quality material available for artist canvas. The frame is a custom wood float frame, black. 1.5″ deep with a satin finish.

About the art:

In the late afternoon, Christmas Valley takes on an almost Tolkeinesque atmosphere. Mystery permeates the forest, in the long shadows and warm slanting light beams that illuminate old trees and rocks. The river is slow at this time of day, the rush of the day is over. Bubbles and ripples appear in the pools next to the riverbank. Slender reflections wiggle on the surface, painting dreamlike visions of what lies above and beneath the surface. Chipmunks and squirrels make their final journeys of the day, birds quieten. Rumors of beavers and bears whisper in the rustle of pines.

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Weight 15.9 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 22 × 4 in