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The Tuning Fork Special Silver Limited Edition Print


Special Silver Limited Edition (50)
34 x 17.5″ Framed

The Special Silver Limited Edition Print collection is a brand new offering from my Lake Tahoe Studio for Winter 2022/3.

Professionally giclée printed on Pearlescent Silver Paper, each piece is signed and numbered, meaning the print you have is the only one that will ever be made with that unique number. Only 50 will ever be made of this exclusive art print. Custom framed with brushed silver metal, with an either warm or cool grey mat to complement the particular artwork, these pieces are beautifully finished, ready to hang, archival, and made to last.

Each piece also comes with the LuxVerity tamper-proof seal installed on the back, providing a Digital Certificate of Authenticity and exclusive access to the Digital Docent™ content and video, which unlocks the story behind each piece. Simply hover your smartphone over my signature to launch the experience.

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50 in stock


Trees can grow into a fork if they get damaged when they are saplings, attempting to send up a new crown. Sometimes it’s not needed after all, so then the tree has two. This formation can result in a weakened tree, but the tree in this painting seems strong and healthy to me – but I’m no tree expert by any stretch of the imagination!

At the time that this scene caught my attention, I was reading a book on classical painting by Juliette Aristedes – who I took a workshop with a few years ago. She explained in the text about the connections between music, mathematics and pictorial composition. I find this kind of thing fascinating, and it opened my mind and eyes to a myriad of possibilities for the forest/river paintings I was beginning to make. I experimented with the proportions of the canvas first, using a ratio of 1:5, five being a growth factor in nature.

The tall, narrow canvas reminded me of Gothic Cathedrals, and expressed the valley environment I live in very well. It is a difficult shape to compose, so I don’t use this format for all of my landscape work. I wanted to capture the sense of this forked tree towering over the snowy riverbank, so this shape felt very natural. The S shaped arabesque of the river reflecting the light above leads the eye up and down the picture plane, in much the same way my eye did when I visited this spot. The colours, movement and light felt like chords, and I could almost hear the music of the forest. The afternoon sun cast long, beautiful blue shadows, columns of light and sparkles in the spaces between the branches and needles. A transcendental moment.

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