Ray of Light


Oil on Linen
18 x 8″


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“Shh. Listen to the sounds that surround you. Notice the pitches, the volume, the timbre, the many lines of counterpoint. As light taught Monet to paint, the earth may be teaching you music.”

Pete Seeger

A ray of light plunges into the forest, like a long note played on a cello inviting the entire orchestra to play. Light transforms colour, and according to Monet, is the true subject of art. Comparisons with music are unavoidable, as experiences of nature are profound and intimately connected with creativity of all kinds.

Unexpected colours which appear in the landscape are constantly fascinating to me. The more time I spend observing my immediate environment, the more I notice what I assumed was not the whole story. Light at different times of day will transform the green tree into a shimmering kaleidoscope, or moody silhouette painted in shades of purple and blue. The charred hillside takes on shades of lavender, russet and lemon. Delicate pinks radiate at the edge of a Jeffrey Pine, whilst the core appears indigo. As the pupil dilates to let in more light, shadows defy logic, revealing a multitude of hues in the bare earth.



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Weight 1.12 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 20 × 2 in