Oil on Linen
18 x 8″


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In Tahoe, we don’t often experience atmospheric perspective because the air is so clean and dry. In order to convey the sense of distance artists rely on to create the illusion of space, there needs to be something in the air to interfere with the clarity. Edges are softened, so we experience a hazy, bluer ‘background’ in the landscape.

Colour harmonies are helped by air moisture. Water droplets refract light and act as tiny prisms, reflecting and repeating all of the light and colour in a scene, unifying everything with a single dominant note (in this case, rose pink.)

Smoke also has the unexpected quality of creating an atmospheric visual phenomenon.  I felt conflicted during last years’ fire season, because despite our collective fear and the almost constant sense of foreboding – I saw great beauty at times.

Time and transformation are underlying themes in my work. Symbolism appears without my conscious intention. I find colours and shapes in the forest, and add them to the works where they feel they ought to be. By allowing what I am experiencing to move though me instead of forcing or over-planning, what emerges is graceful and harmonious.

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