At Dawn i (2007)


This is a framed oil painting on panel. The painting measures 7 x 6″, framed measures 15 x 17″. Wired and ready to install. Part 1 of 3 in the series.



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I recently rediscovered three ‘lost’ paintings. It was an exciting moment, which transported me back in time to 2007. I had only recently settled in America with my husband, healthy and yet to become a mother. The paintings had been part of an exhibition at Bona Fide Books in Meyers, and I had left them there with my friend. Life moved on, and they fell from my consciousness. They remained on the wall after the business folded several years ago.

When I happened upon them, I was amazed at how fresh they still look. The impasto paint application and brushstrokes are so bold, vibrating with life and untold story. Back in those days, I hired models to pose for me in my studio. This model, Sarafina, was an actress. The unspoken narratives in portraits of her are the product of our silent collaboration. Gesture, pose and expression emerged from quick sketches and spontaneous movement. The contemplative energy in these pieces speaks of new beginnings.

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Dimensions 15 × 17 × 2 in

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