Commission a Portrait

How to commission a portrait

Would you like an oil painting, drawing or sketch of your loved one? What better way to honor a relative who had passed on?

I can work from old photographs, or new ones! I’d prefer to take my own picture for a portrait if possible. You can email me photos for consideration.

My preferred way to work is to have the subject of the portrait come to my studio for a sketch sitting first. This takes around 2 hours, with breaks. The sitter would be asked to remain still for around 15 minutes at a time.

I send photographs of the work at key stages of the process for client approval, if in-person visits are not possible.

Prices range from $150 – $3000 depending on size, medium (oil, charcoal, pencil)

I ship artwork internationally.

My studio is in South Lake Tahoe, California. The location is provided after the deposit has been paid.

For a quote, please email me at: