Shelley Zentner Fine Art

Cover Versions

This fun project came about in response to the unique nature of the ‘Art Loft’ at California Burger in Lake Tahoe. Artists paint live with a webcam over their shoulder so people can watch the process closeup. I painted at the restaurant for around 6 months, and created a small collection of 'Cover Versions'.

As an art and music venue, 'Covers' seemed a natural subject. The vinyl covers on the wall in the bathrooms reminded me how much I loved copying my parent’s album covers when I was a kid. These early attempts at drawing and painting eventually carried me towards my career as an artist.

I listened to the whole album whilst I was sketching out the design. I read about the musician’s process, and watched footage online of the artist’s performance to really absorb their vision.

We attach so many memories to music we listen to during our formative years. The album artwork will have a different personal resonance for anyone who saved up his or her pocket money to buy music as a kid. Music is the soundtrack of our lives.

Making paintings of cover artwork allowed me to connect in my own way with the artist, transcending time. Those beloved figures came to life for me under my brush, their melodies driving my color and energy.


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