Emanate Gallery

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m now represented by the beautiful Emanate Art Gallery! Located at the Crossing at the Y in South Lake Tahoe, this classy little space is just what South Lake Tahoe has needed for a long time. The owners are lovely people, with great taste. They only have a small stable …

Black Lives Matter South Lake Tahoe

We had the privilege of lending our voices to #blacklivesmatter. Every person has the ability to stand up, be heard and… Posted by Quedup Entertainment LLC on Saturday, June 13, 2020

George Floyd

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Art for Black Lives

Tahoe Activist Artists joined Black Lives Matter Tahoe for a peaceful rally and march from the commons last Friday. We had painters, singers and sculptors come out to use their art to amplify the message that we support our brothers and sisters in the fight for equality and justice.   Art for Black Lives is …

I see you

I know that I’ve been avoiding the most difficult parts of this painting. The more I work on it, the more I notice. Small details that give clues to the horror that brought us to this moment.

The Bigger Picture

I hated history class is school. Really hated it. I think it had more to do with the uninspiring teacher we had than the subject itself. He would simply dictate from a boring textbook, and we had to transcribe all of it for the entire lesson. That was it. No discussion, no insights. We were …

Art of Ashtanga: Artists Reception

“Last year, the owner of my local yoga studio commissioned drawings of every pose in the Ashtanga Primary Series. The journey of making 76 drawings became a kind of inner pilgrimage. Through my own practice of Ashtanga I learned to own my narrative. Memorizing the sequence and taking responsibility for my practice helped me to begin to acknowledge my own role in life, and to be kinder to myself and others.

The early drawings were tentative and humbling: Lots of erasing, many corrections. Gradually, they evolved with more confident mark making, both firmly rooted to the earth and taking flight into the cosmos. The drawings informed my yoga practice, teaching me about alignment, form and grace. The practice, in turn infused my drawings with a deeper understanding of anatomy, balance, drishti, and breath.”

Save the Date!

So I’ve finally finished all 74 (I think? I keep losing count…) drawings for our Art of Ashtanga project. Phew! That was some intense work, I tell you. A year of hard work, juggling family life, my own teaching job, and a massive, research-heavy mural project on American industrial agribusiness (more to come about that …