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The paintings in this collection celebrate heroic efforts by committed, passionate individuals to fight for fundamental freedoms. Diverse as the figures depicted are, what they have in common is bravery, curiosity, creativity and a willingness to endure hardship to help others. Other paintings in the collection draw attention to lost freedomsThey mirror the suffering that has become so commonplace in today’s media – distancing and desensitizing us to the plight of the individualI believe this is part of the reason why people are so fearful and resentful of refugees from war torn countries. I am inspired to become a better person by studying the lives and works of these incredible people, and my hope is that others will feel the same.

Coming Soon! (Hopefully)

Exhibition of these paintings at Warehouse 416 in Oakland, hopefully in October depending on the COVID 19 situation and Black Lives Matter protests. If we are unable to hold the show in October, we’ll reschedule for Spring 2021. Follow me on Instagram for updates. 

Tahoe Yoga Shala’s creative collaboration with Shelley Zentner was born of the intention to bring the Ashtanga Primary Series to life.

When envisioning the Tahoe Yoga Shala’s Teacher Training Manual, it was essential that the energy and anatomy of each pose be represented by images that were educational and inspiring. The combination of the raw and unfinished, with the highly refined and precise styles present in Shelley’s illustrations, draws the eye to focus on the primary action of each pose while simultaneously allowing room for personal expression.

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