Activist Art
Since the 2016 presidential election, I have felt compelled to contribute in some way to the growing voice of protest. We are in the midst of a great societal and global paradigm shift, and I feel that the role of artists is to use this negative energy as a catalyst for creativity. The tremendous upsurge in artistic expression related to current events has been something of a consolation for me, amid the chaos and trauma brought to us by news agencies and social media at a dizzying pace since January.

The helplessness and shock I experienced after the election triggered a cycle of creativity I haven’t experienced since I was a student. I picked up an old canvas, and started to paint with no clear intention, just an energy. Two hours later, a larger than life Albert Einstein was looking down at me, his eyes expressing a knowing sadness and concern.  I knew then that I needed to gather together a community of artists to speak out with the skills that we have, to contribute in the only way we know how.

We called ourselves the Tahoe Activist Artists, and began to meet every month to discuss how we were processing our responses to current events.  We wanted our art to contribute to a wider circle of compassion, instead of feeding the divisiveness that is tearing apart our society, both here in the US, and abroad. A decision was made: In order to connect with the wider world and our community, we needed to organize a public event. “We the People: Tahoe Artists Visualize a World of Conversation and Connection” was our first project, and was hosted by Tahoe Mountain Lab. We decided to incorporate the “March for Compassion” into the event to allow the Tahoe community to express their hopes, fears, anger and solutions to the rapidly shifting reality we find ourselves in.

All artists donate a percentage of their profits to charities and causes that they feel connected to. We believe that leading by example is a way we can begin to effect positive change, and that by acting in opposition to the greed that motivates our current leadership, we can take a step towards a future we want to see.

Click on the images below to learn about my personal, and group projects and campaigns.


Tahoe Activist Artists: We the People (2017)

On September 9th 2017, Tahoe Activist Artists held our first event entitled 'We the People: Visualize a world of Conversation and Connection". It was a huge, one day interactive event hosted by our very cool local co-working space, Tahoe Mountain Lab. I curated and...

Tahoe Activist Artists Human Trafficking Campaign

Myth of Choice (2018) Graphic Design by John Bollaert, Artwork by Shelley Zentner   Tahoe Activist Artists ran a campaign during the SuperBowl this year in South Lake Tahoe. SuperBowl Weekend is the highest volume time for Human Trafficking in our community. We posted...

Sierra House Mural (2015-2016)

I was asked to paint a mural at my daughter's school in 2015, on the theme of the decline of the pollinators. The school has a strong connection with nature, healthy living and science. They have growing domes on site, and use them to teach the kids about all aspects...