I am a British Artist, living in Lake Tahoe, California, with my husband and young daughter.

I teach painting, drawing and Art History at Lake Tahoe Community College, and consider myself to be a lifelong learner, fascinated by nature and my environment.

My work is driven by a love of the human figure, philosophy, psychology, history, and art history.

My primary medium is oil painting. I would describe my style as 'Expressive Realism'.

I coat my canvases with layers of thick, textured primer. These rough, aggressive marks are a counterpoint to the more tranquil, resolved areas of my portraits, which are built up in successive layers. The paintings look quite refined from a distance, but on closer inspection, there is turbulence under the surface. I use a combination of Alla Prima and glazing technique to create a lively surface with depth and movement.

Early student life in North Wales, under the artist Peter Prendergast informed my intuitive style and painterly inclinations. I still find traces of his brash influence in my work.

Later, I studied for my B.A. (Hons) Art & Visual Culture at The University of the West of England, Bristol. This new course was a 50/50 blend of studio practice and theory, and was the perfect thing for me. Dynamic, fascinating lectures by Dr. Gary Peters fueled my growing love of academic ideas. For my final, I wrote a thesis entitled, "Religion and Duality: A Study of the Undividable Individual".


I am revisiting these ideas now, 20 years later, as part of my current painting and learning cycle. In addition to reading Western Philosophy, Politics and History, I'm also studying Buddhist Philosophy, and practice mindfulness and meditation. It is my intention to balance my head and my heart, and to create works which inspire compassion and introspection in others.


Other influences and teachers include Carole Marine, Phyllis Shafer, Tara Brach, Kathe Kollowitz, Egon Schiele, John Singer Sargent, Vermeer, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Zack Zdrale, Velasquez, and Rembrandt.


"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few."

Shunryƫ Suzuki